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queer_101's Journal

Education and Discussion about Queer Issues
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is a space for discussion and education about queer issues.
Open membership. Only members can post.

Everyone with an open and honest heart is welcome.

Community Guidelines

queer_101 is for beginner questions, discussions, as well as "homework help" posts. If you already have a handle on the basics of queer theory and queer issues, we invite you to stick around to help out the newbies!

This is a queer positive space. That is to say we see being queer as positive, healthy, and meaningful. It is ok to raise topics that are controversial. However, don't let it cross over into queer bashing (claims of queerness being evil, sinful, sick, etc.).

Please keep everything on-topic. Examples of acceptable posts: asking about basic concepts of queer theory (i.e., "what is coming out?" "what is gender", "what is heteronormativity?" ), taking opinions for a school assignment (i.e., "I have to take a survey for class." "I'm writing a term paper and I need more information on this subject." "Is anyone willing to be interviewed?")

Please extend respect towards your fellow community members. Be mature. This includes using the appropriate language for this forum (please check out the definitions and/or the faq. Please note, people are encouraged to make mistakes, ask beginner questions, and have beginner attitudes. This means we won't roast people for ignorant wording. But this does not mean people will not get their ignorance explained to them and corrected. Don't get belligerent about this.

As a reminder to members living in the United States, we do have a globally diverse membership. Please bear this in mind when using region-specific abbreviations, acronyms, references, or terminology. While the raising of region-specific issues is certainly encouraged, in order to foster a more inclusive environment naming and describing the particular region(s) involved would be helpful.

Please use the lj-cut tag feature if you have a long post, have graphs/images, if your post could be triggering in any way, etc. Please also put a small description of what is under the cut.
   For example:
      ( Possible gay bashing. Triggers under cut. )
      ( Cut for length )
How to create lj-cut tags: FAQ #75
How to edit your post: FAQ #119

If you are going to leave the community, then do so like a mature adult. We really don't need to see some drahma post on our friends lists. It will be deleted.

Please direct all community promotions to community_promo. You may contact the moderating team if you would like to be linked to the community's user info.

Do not disable comments or delete comment threads. If you do this, your post will be removed. If you feel that another member has said made an out of line comment to you, then send an email to all of the mods. Please provide a link to the comment so the mods can do something about it.

Do not troll.

If a mod tells you that you are violating the guidelines, please pause and think about it. Don't argue with the mods. Stray too far from the guidelines, and you will get banned.

If you have been banned, take it like an adult. If you wish to appeal your ban, you may contact the mods through email. If you come back under another username, you will be reported to LJ Abuse. Attempting to circumvent a ban is against LJ's TOS.

the faq
contact the mods

related communities:

special notes for queers and allies:

This is not a safe space per se. People who need education will be allowed to come here and ask ignorant questions. Because people who need education don't always get privilege, and not because all queers agree what constitutes privilege, it will be necessary to allow privileged and/or privileged-seeming speech - up to a point. Please bear with. Report truly offensive posts to the mods rather than start a flamewar.

webpage note: 29may06 i know some links are broken. will fix asap.